The Vilorian International Film and Video Festival furnishes the general population with engrossing and amazing independent films, video, exercises and occasions. Our Festival and year-round occasions expect to empower aesthetic advancement and imagination while giving access to a wide gathering of people fragment. The VIFVF is focused on participation and joint effort with different expressions associations and in addition the business group. Our projects are intelligent, diverting, instructive and valuable. Our staff is open, proactive and focused on developing skills, keeping in mind the end goal to give top notch services.

The mission of the Vilorian International Film and Video Festival is to open community awareness and information to an extensive variety of thoughts and way of life and the world of films as the year progressed round presentation of film, video and new media. Through VIFVF’s presented information and presentations we intend to empower basic and critical analysis, thus, rouse people to recognize and use film as an innovative tool.

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